Calysta Energy™ Announces Advisory Board of Scientific and Industrial Leaders


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Calysta Energy™ Announces Advisory Board of Scientific and Industrial Leaders

Menlo Park, CA—October 22, 2012—Calysta Energy™ today announced it has formed an advisory board of prominent scientific academicians and industry experts to advise the company on development of new liquid transportation fuels and chemicals from natural gas. The advisory board members include researchers from leading academic programs in natural gas and methane as well as experts with deep experience in the oil and chemical industries.

Calysta has been established to use natural gas, an advantaged feedstock, to develop new liquid transportation fuels and high value chemicals that are cost-effective, scalable and reduce environmental impact. Calysta’s proprietary biological gas-to-liquids™ (BioGTL™) platform uses methane, an energy-rich component of natural gas, as a new biological feedstock that is virtually untapped as an energy source outside of heating and electricity generation.

“Establishment of this advisory board brings Calysta a team of distinguished and experienced leaders in chemistry, biology and the oil refining and chemical manufacturing industries,” said Josh Silverman, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer. “We look forward to leveraging their considerable knowledge and expertise as we address the unmet global demand for new forms of transportation fuels and industrial chemicals.”

Advisory Board members and their affiliations are:

Howard Fong, Ph.D, Managing Engineer, Royal Dutch Shell Group (retired)
David Graham, Ph.D., Professor, Ecosystems Engineering, Newcastle University
John Grate, Ph.D., Advisor and CSO Emeritus, Codexis
Mary Lidstrom, Ph.D., Professor, University of Washington
Michael Mendez, Consultant and Founder and former VP, Technology, Sapphire Energy
Jeremy Minshull, Ph.D., Co-Founder and President, DNA 2.0
Willem ‘Pim’ Stemmer, Ph.D., Founder and CEO, Amunix

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About Calysta’s BioGTL™ Technology
Calysta is focusing on development of methane as a new biological feedstock for cost-competitive, scalable biofuels and chemicals production.  Methane is widely available from large domestic deposits of shale gas, as well as landfills and other sources.   Calysta’s BioGTL™ technology uses sophisticated biological engineering to create valuable cost and performance advantages over current biological and chemical processes.  Using the BioGTL™ technology platform, Calysta is developing proprietary organisms to economically convert methane into liquid hydrocarbons, the building blocks of higher-value, easily transportable fuels and chemicals.

About Calysta Energy 
Calysta Energy, LLC., Menlo Park, CA., is developing a new biological gas-to-liquids™ (BioGTL™) technology using methane – an energy-rich component of natural gas – as a new biological feedstock for transportation fuels and high value industrial chemicals. The company is a spinout of DNA 2.0, the largest US-based provider of synthetic genes for industrial and academic use. For more information, visit

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